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Geraldine Whitney

Psychic | Medium | Clairvoyant

With over 40 years of professional experience, Geraldine Whitney has become internationally renowned and is one of the country’s leading Psychic / Mediums.Working for thirty years serving the Spiritualist Churches demonstrating her ability as a Medium and a registered consultant for the highly respected British Astrological and Psychic Society.

Her public demonstrations are lively and entertaining and she has worked both in the UK and overseas for a number of organisations and private clients including The Women’s institute, Nature’s Way, The Healing Arts Group, The American Military Bases, The Spiritualist Churches, Spiritische Bladen, EPC Amsterdam and many more.
All private clients names are confidential, and come from many walks of life, including those regarded as highly influential and renowned, every client is treated with the same honesty, sincerity and compassion.

Geraldine Whitney has been interviewed on Radio London and Local Radio stations and has been written about in several newspapers and magazines.

Whether you are seeking advice, guidance or just reassurance or if you have experienced a loved one passing, please book an appointment; you will be amazed at how accurate, specific and helpful her readings are!

Psychic Readings

Geraldine is not a card, crystal ball or palm reader. Born a natural psychic, from an early age she could see the spiritual reality, which is often masked by the material world of the five senses. Geraldine is able to psychically sense, see and hear events about a person and their life, which can be at a distance, in space and/or time.  By utilising this ability as a psychic and a medium, she can give insight and help to those suffering with personal problems or bereavement.

Face to Face Readings

If you prefer a psychic reader who is local to where you live, Geraldine can book you in for a face to face psychic reading in a comfortable environment.

Telephone Readings

It’s not always convenient to travel when you wish to have a psychic reading. Geraldine provides a personal telephone reading service.

Skype / Facetime Readings

Modern technology now allows you the options of using a video link for your reading. Your reading can be carried out over either Skype of Facetime.

Booking Information

Face to face readings can be paid for on the day and time of your appointment however telephone, Skype or FaceTime readings must be paid for on line through PayPal and paid within 48 hours of booking your appointment.

No refunds will be given if we do not receive 24 hours notice to cancel!


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